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Welcome to GS Planet, the ultimate source of Girevoy Sport (Kettlebell Sport)!

GS Planet is dedicated to the gathering and storing of information, and to providing you with news and life updates about all GS competition, athletes, judges and coaches on the Planet Earth.

GS Planet Magazine is the only online magazine about Kettlebell Sport oriented for the lifting and training community. It will be published quarterly (four times) in 2014 and we are planning to expand the number of issues each year. Read about upcoming events, watch results from past events, watch videos, best shots (pics), training tips, interesting articles and more. GS Planet Magazine is your ultimate source for Kettlebell information!

Watch the Calendar of Events for Kettlebell Sport Events near you. There are over 20 official local and international lifting events in the USA and countless number of events in the World of Kettlebell Sport Lifting. Then just get on the platform and lift.

Visit the Members Page to find official representatives of Kettlebell Sport in your country. Over thirty countries now have official representatives, national teams and hold competitions on their soil.

Watch the Live Video Stream from the General Events of the year. Every event that has a camera set up will be streamed on this page.

GS Planet DataBase provides the data from all official events on Planet Earth. Data about every registered coach, athlete, and judge. You can even track online who is The Best on Planet Earth and find Results (Protocols) from past events with this search system.