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We are proud to announce GSPlanet, a new company devoted to developing kettlebell sport lifting.

GSPlanet is an independent, private company owned by a group of investors who share our passion and commitment to kettlebell lifting. We work with all kettlebell sport federations and associations around the world to share knowledge and insights on training programs, equipment and lifting techniques. Our goal is to help every kettlebell athlete perform at their best.

GSPlanet will offer unique training and learning materials, from high quality equipment to videos by leading kettlebell athletes. Our equipment has been developed with some of the sport’s most demanding athletes and coaches and is produced to world-class technical standards. GSPlanet is the one-stop source for everything related to kettlebell lifting.

With significant financial support from private investors, GSPlanet intends to sponsor top athletes and major kettlebell competitions. It will also fund a research program to help develop new high quality products and training programs to help kettlebell athletes continue to improve.

We want to hear from you! We welcome your comments, and the GSPlanet website will be an open, independent forum for discussions about sport kettlebell lifting. We will also be coordinating with kettlebell federations around the globe to offer a life feed on the GSPlanet website of all kettlebell lifting competitions. You’ll be able to follow the sport and its top athletes from one place.

Joins us for our Journey!