About GSPlanet Kettlbell FACE-OFF

About GSPlanet Kettlbell FACE-OFF

We are pleased to introduce Kettlebell FACE-OFF Challenge – an exciting kettlebell lifting format in which individuals and teams compete head-to-head in a test of speed, stamina and strategy.  Individuals and teams will compete in one of flowing divisions – professional, amateur. Kettlebell weights will be assigned based on an athlete’s body weight and the division in which they are competing. The goal is simple: earn more points than your opponent in a timed three-exercise set.   

An event for athletes at any level The response to the Kettlebell FACE-OFF Challenge has been amazing. Athletes and fans alike love its excitement and flexible format. Nothing creates a more intense competitive atmosphere. Best of all, the Kettlebell FACE-OFF Challenge allows athletes at different weight classes and ability levels to compete on a level playing field. Desire and determination make the winner.

Kettlebell FACE-OFF Tournament

  • Head-to-head competition in a bracket format
  • Athletes perform three lifts – long cycle, jerk and snatch
  • The time interval for each lift can be set between 1-3 minutes, with short breaks between lifts
  • For local events, the time intervals and brackets will be established following weigh-in
  • A national bracket with stages throughout the year also will be created

Team Kettlebell FACE-OFF

  • Teams complete each lift in order
  • Team members perform every lift for one minute, no breaks
  • Teams of 2-3 people in any combination of men and women in any division
  • Only one team member permitted on the platform for points to be earned, as determined by event judge

Kettlebell FACE-OFF Fight

  • Competitors agree on the kettlebell weight and time intervals

Kettlebell FACE-OFF Rules and Regulations:

Kettlebell FACE-OFF challenge is different from other kettlebell lifting events, so some variation in the rules will apply:

  • Fixation – Points will be earned when the athlete’s knees and elbows are extended and locked and the kettlebell is visibly within their control. Some kettlebell movement is permitted.
  • Arm change – Only one arm change is permitted for snatch. The change may be made in any manner as long as the kettlebell does not touch the ground, but only a one-time hand switch is allowed.
  • Team hand-off: Athletes competing in a team face off must be off the platform after their lift before points for the next team member can be counted. Judges will indicate a good exchange with a white flag.
  • Special considerations – Any injury or physical impairment that may prevent the athlete from achieving a fixation must be brought to the attention of the judges in advance.

This new format will add even more excitement to sport kettlebell lifting. We are looking forward to seeing you on the platform – and the winner’s stand!. 

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