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Kettlebell face-off 2018

Arnold Classic Sport Festival 2018

 Ukraine Lifter Dominate at the 2018 Arnold Classic GSPlanet Kettlebell FACE-OFF  Mnukh Roman of the Ukraine was the overall champion at the 2018 GSPlanet Kettlebell FACE-OFF held on the Arnold Festival Main Stage. He defeated his countryman Tkachjuk Mykola in the head to head kettlebell competition. Prior to their faceoff Mnukh defeated Marcin Koziol who represented Poland and Tkachuk defeated Michael Martinez of the USA to make it to the championship round. In all six competitors faced off in the classic FACE-OFF protocol 2 minutes each of Jerk, Snatch, and Long-Cycle with a one minute rest in-between sets.  Kettlebell Sport is an endurance sport and a Kettlebell FACE-OFF is endurance at the next level. If you have never witnessed a FACE-OFF you know that it is in many ways the opposite of a kettlebell marathon. In marathon one sets a steady pace for the long haul. In a FACE-OFF it is “as many reps as possible”(AMRP) personified. Lifters go all out for the personal satisfaction along with their national pride. We congratulate Mnukh Roman on his accomplishment. And we invite you to sign up for our next GSPlanet Kettlbell FACE-OFF. 

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