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A one day workshop presented by Paul Taras Wolkowinski and hosted by Kelly Manzone.

This is intermediate and in-depth Indian Clubs level 2 and Mace/Gada workshop available in a single day.

This workshop follows on from our introductory workshop in September 2018 in Wilton CT, and it is aimed at enthusiasts and fitness professionals seeking to further their knowledge, refine their skills and perfect their technique.

This style of training compliments everything from everyday lifestyle movements to various training modalities (ex. Kettlebells) and sports (especially overhead athletes)

Indian Clubs International is an organization passionately focusing on providing safe and quality instruction.

You will learn…


Basic Indian Club Drills for the synchronous front, shoulder, and wrist circles.

Swing synchronous combinations using two circles, outward, inward and parallel heart shapes.

Swing synchronous combinations using three different circles, outward and inward.

Transitions - stop-start, forced and natural

Learn to swing a routine using transitions seamlessly changing swing directions

Theory of asynchronous swinging and the required mental gymnastics

Step by step learning how to swing outward and inward combinations

Learn how to switch from synchronous to asynchronous and back again.



Gada (mace)

The main focus of this section will be to refine your Mace skills

How to safely lift a Gada (mace) and set it down on the floor

Understand and use the Two Basic Grips, Grip Changes efficiently

Understand the need for correct Thoracic Transverse Mobilisation for the Gada (mace)

Use the front Rack Position and Maintaining Balance correctly

How to use Triceps Extensions

How to use Skin Grip and Pressure

The ever-changing Pivot Points of a Gada (mace)

How to avoid Tracking mistakes during a swing

The Push and Pull Technique

Use a Gada (mace) made from bamboo and concrete

Traditional 360°s

Traditional 10-2’s

Technique for one arm swings

Rookie Mistakes

… And much, much, more