Level 1 GSPlanet Kettlebell Sport Coach Certification

About Course:


The GSplanet kettlebell sport coach certification course is perfect for beginning, intermediate and even advanced kettlebell practitioners. You will learn the history, mechanics/alignment, breathing and classic/ competition lifts. 

Inside the course package you will find: an illustrated manual with sport specific warm-up and mobility drills, assessment routine, additional exercises, drills and the rules for competitions. Our qualified professionals consisting of National Team coaches and Top Athletes of American Kettlebell Alliance (A.K.A.) and International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (I.U.K.L.) have designed this course using their decades of experience in Kettlebell Sport.

In 2 days this course will cover

1. Mastery of the basics – You will learn all the fundamental kettlebell exercises, several variations and most importantly, the key physical training principles underlying and associated with each movement.

2. Coaching skills – In addition to learning how to take your own fitness to higher levels, you will learn how to coach others safely and effectively utilizing

3. Competition – Rules, regulation and lifting tables. What is considered proper competition attire and what exactly the judges will be looking for ( fixation, rack position, no/ count lifts). 

Exercises covered:

● Swing

● Clean

● Press

● Push Press

● Jerk 

● Long Cycle (Clean + Jerk)

● Snatch

● Squat

● And more

What will you learn.

● History of the sport and development in the United states.

● The classical kettlebell lifts and their variations.

● Using breathing to control lifts and movements.

● How to properly execute all of the competition lifts. snatch, clean, jerk and long cycle (clean + jerk)

● Mobility and flexibility work specific to kettlebell training

● The necessary drills needed to help ensure you and your clients learn all the lifts safely

● Assistance exercises for competition training (GPP, SPP).

● How kettlebells train your body to effectively manage any type of force encountered in the real world.

● Why kettlebells make you more resistant to injury.

Kettlebell Coach Certification Course – Level 1

NASM 1.6

ACE 1.6

AFAA 1.6

*Online written test is required to get Certified.

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