The fundamentals workshop will teach you numerous exercises and variations with the Meel™ and Shena™ together with complete regressions and progressions.
You will also learn dynamic flexibility exercises and gymnastic based cardiovascular (aerobic) and agility conditioning exercises as used in Persian Yoga™.
The goal is to prepare the athlete for learning fundamentals and progressions, with the Meel™ and Shena™, by establishing a solid foundation and understanding of the use of these tools and how they can be applied in the use of Persian Yoga™ and beyond.
The Fundamentals workshop (Level 1) will introduce you to Persian Yoga™ (Pahlavani) and teach you the fundamental principles and concepts of Circular Strength Training (CST) and integrated dynamic movement under load.
What you will gain from this workshop:
Principals of Persian Yoga™ I
Fundamental techniques and progressions/regressions with the Shena™.
Level 1 Asanas with the Shena™
Fundamental techniques and progressions/regressions with the Meel™
Level 1 exercises and variations with the Meel™
Level 1 Narmesh - dynamic flexibility exercises
Level 1 Pa Zadan - cardio aerobic exercises
The correct way to perform each exrcise and variation, including how to cue and correct others
The purpose and function of each exercise, along with the bio-mechanical processes involved
Safety aspects and injury prevention considerations
How to introduce beginners to the Persian Yoga
How to assess clients’ readiness for Persian Yoga, and regress and progress the movements as needed
How to design, format and introduce individual and group exercise programs and classes - Pre-packaged exercise programs and routines with clear progressions suitable for all your clients
Certificate of competency to teach - Issued to all who complete the workshop assessment component
Become affilliated to Persian Yoga
Gain access to special affiliates only discounts on our inventoryProgram - 2 days Ca. 8 hours each session
Introduction to Persian Yoga & Circular Strength Training
Fundamentals of Meel - Mace Clubs with progressions and regressions
Fundamentals of Shena - Pushup board with progressions and regressions
Introduction to Sang (Shields)
Group exercise session - Ca. 45 min (followed by 15 min break)
Revision of Meel & Shena
Variations with Meel - 12 exercises & variations
Variations with Shena - 15 exercises & variations
Fundamentals of Narmesh - Dynamic Flexibility conditioning in Persian Yoga
Fundamentals of Pa Zadan - Cardio Aerobic conditioning in Persian Yoga
Revision of safety, fundamentals and key conceptsPahlavani is a systematic, fluid and incredibly demanding, yet simple and approachable practice.
You will learn the fundamental concepts, techniques and exercises of CST as used in Persian Yoga™ and the use of the Meel™ (Persian Mace Clubs) and Shena™ (Push-up board) in Persian Yoga™ and beyond.

Persian Yoga is equally suitable, and adaptable, for beginners, avid physical culturists and aging athletes alike.

Whether your goal is to improve your health & wellbeing or expand your skills as a fitness professional Persian Yoga will forever transform your approach to strength!

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